Friday, February 7, 2014

Realism And "The Elephant Man"

reality took the domain of a function by storm in the cardinal 19th century. (The Contemporary Drama of Italy 64) Its concepts and thinkings were illustrated in art, everyday life, and in philosophy. The movie The Elephant Man directed by David Lynch, provides perfect examples of world and its core ideals. The movie, which was created much later, is set in a warmheartedness that makes it appear like it was conceived when realism was prevalent. In the film, The Elephant Man, thither ar many scenes that represent realism and its entirety. In one of the scenes, Dr. Frederick Treves lets antic Merrick know that at that place is nonhing that the hospital can do to return him to normal. No. We can care for you, but we cant get you (The Elephant Man.) After the doctor says this, hindquarters Merrick replies, No. I timber not (The Elephant Man.) This is a scene that provides realism examples. The idea that there is no cure is a vivid point of view. The livelihood that John automatically stick outs this answer is also a realistic stance. Instead of having hope or go pushover for other options, he opts to accept his dim fate. In other scene of the film, the eccentric person John Merrick is hiding in a corner season spectators are chasing him. As they meander closer, John shouts out I am not an animal, I am a clement being! (The Elephant Man.) The fact that the push did not show gentleness and still pursued him as an animal provides an example of realism. in time though John could speak, the crowd of tidy sum could not accept him because of his outward appearing. His appearance made him weak and different from the rest, therefrom making people think that he is lower than them. They look at him as an animal, and not on their level. This is realism because it shows the idea that we are not all equal, and if people have deformities, they are weak and be to be treated as such. Realism is not set compassion and happy endings. Rea lism is about seeing things the mode they r! eally are. If you are wretched and are from a poor family, you...If you want to get a right essay, order it on our website:

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